Join the Michigan Solar Car Team!

1. RSVP for our Mass Meetings

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2. Sign up for our Email List

3. Attend a Mass Meeting

4. Read through the 2015 World Solar Challenge Regulations

The 2015 World Solar Challenge Regulations are the rules to which we design our cars. By reading the regulations, you’ll have a head start during the design cycle.


5. Sample a Division Worksession

During the week of September 15th, you’ll have a chance to sample a solar car division. From Mechanical, Electrical, and Aerodynamics to Business and Operations, we’ll be providing a sampler course on what you will be doing on the team. View the Calendar (right) for dates and times.

Check out the Team!

What: Meet the Team, ask Questions
When: September 9, 11am-4pm
Where: Central Campus Diag

Check out Quantum!

What: See Quantum, ask Questions
When: September 11, 11am-3pm
Where: North Campus Diag

Mass Meetings

When: September 10th, 7pm
Where: 220 Chrysler (Chesebrough Auditorium)

When: September 15th, 7pm
Where: 170 Dennison